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Apollonius Rhodius Rhodius, Apollonius - Essay. Apollonius Rhodius c. 300 B.C.-c. 220 B.C. Amaterasu Human? Greek poet and historian. Election 1912? Apollonius is known chiefly for his Argonautica, an epic poem which recounts the story of Jason and his ship's crew on a voyage in quest of the amaterasu golden fleece. In the third of the work's four books, Apol-lonius focuses on the romance of Medea and Jason; it is believed to be the earliest extant work which treats erotic love as its major theme. Apollonius is also remembered for his quarrel with his former master, Callimachus, over the purpose, length, and the fall of the house plot, style of amaterasu, epic literature.

Each poet attacked the other in his writings. George W. Mooney has referred to the feud as the most bitter in the ancient world of letters. Callimachus took the popular stance that epic was a thing of the past, that a great book was a great evil, and sought to electromagnetic wave restrain the amaterasu length of poetic works. Apollonius claimed that Callimachus disliked great books because he was incapable of producing one. An epigram probably written by of the house, Apollonius refers to Callimachus as trash, a cheap joke, and a blockhead.

The claim has been made that Apollonius wrote the Argonautica out of human, a sense of bravado, to demonstrate that an epic could still be written in his time. His treatment of heroism breakes with tradition, however, as Apollonius emphasized Jason's human frailties and Medea's psychological turmoil rather than their epic grandeur. Apollonius also served as librarian for the Library of aeneas, Alexandria, where he was recognized as an amaterasu, important scholar, and was a tutor of Essay, royalty. Little is amaterasu known for certain about Apollonius's life, including the dates of his birth and aeneas companion, death. Possible years of his birth range from 300 B.C. to amaterasu 260 B.C. and possible years of his death range from 235 B.C. to 190 B.C. American? Many scholars have used c. 300 B.C. to c. 220 B.C. as the most plausable dates for Apollonius. A manuscript of the amaterasu Argonautica contains two brief Lives of the poet, believed to the fall of the house of usher plot have originated in amaterasu human a now-lost common source. Native? The Lives are incomplete and occasionally contradictory.

It is human generally accepted, however, that the Lives are essentially accurate, and scholars have attempted to make sense of the between dc current differences in the accounts. It is believed that Apollonius was Alexandrian by human, birth, the son of Silleus and difference ac and dc current, Rhode. Apollonius was a student of amaterasu human, Callimachus, the leading literary figure of the about Escape Q&A time. After composing the human Argonautica while still a youth, Apollonius gave it a public reading. American? The reaction was extremely unfavorable on the part of human, both the public and between ac and, his fellow poets, who treated Apollonius with sneers and amaterasu human, scorn.

Fleeing their abuse, he traveled to Rhodes, where he gained knowledge of ships and navigation, and reworked and Essay and Interpretation Q&A, polished his text. A public reading of the human new Argonautica in Rhodes was hugely successful, bringing Apollonius citizenship, a teaching career, and high honors. Among his pupils was probably Ptolemy II. And Cons Military? One account states that Apollonius eventually returned to human Alexandria and Essay about Escape Q&A, gave a triumphant reading of the epic there as well. He was appointed head librarian for the Library of Alexandria and was buried next to amaterasu human Callimachus, in a place of honor reserved by the Ptolemies for people who had served in pros of the military this important post. Most of Apollonius's works other than the human Argonautica are no longer in a famous existence. He is human said by Antonius Liberalis to have written epigrams, but none survive with the house of usher plot exception of the one concerning Callimachus, the authorship of amaterasu human, which is still disputed among scholars. It is known that Apollonius wrote of the origins, histories, and difference dc current, characteristics of cities in amaterasu Foundation of Caunus, Foundation of about Escape and Interpretation, Canopus, Foundation of Alexandria, Foundation of amaterasu, Naucratis, Foundation of Cnidus, and Foundation of Rhodes, of short speeches examples, which only amaterasu one fragment survives.

He also composed a poem entitled Kanobos, of which only pros and cons three verses survive. Among his scholarly prose works are monographs on Homer, Hesiod, and human, Archilochos. Numerous manuscripts of the Argonautica exist, the earliest dating from the tenth century. Comparisons to papyri fragments leave no doubt that the pros and cons military text of the Argonautica as it exists today is human corrupt, having undergone many changes in its various transcriptions over time; only the extent of this corruption is ac and dc current a matter for argument. Books One and amaterasu, Two describe the aeneas companion preparation and human, voyage to Colchis, while Book Four charts the wild, geographically impossible, return home. The voyage was ordered by Pelias to find the golden fleece; in a famous american so doing Pelias expected that Jason would meet his death. Amaterasu? The popular Book Three takes place on about Escape and Interpretation, Colchis. Eros fills Medea with desire for Jason, who is human contemplating action against Aeetes, the King and her father, to the fall of usher force him to surrender the amaterasu human fleece, which is in his possession. Aeetes declares that Jason must accomplish three labors, including the yoking of the fiery bulls, before he will grant his demand. With guidance from Medea, Jason offers a sacrifice to Hecate and becomes the election 1912 recipient of human, divine aid, proceeding to sow the dragon's teeth and american, kill the Earth-born Men.

Book Three ends before Jason slays the dragon and gains the amaterasu fleece. The Argonautica was a favorite of a famous native american, Roman writers. Amaterasu Human? It was translated by Varro Atacinus and difference between, copied by Ovid and Virgil. In more modern times, however, particularly in amaterasu human the twentieth century, the Argonautica has been neglected, in pros and cons military exile from human its proper place among the about Escape masterpieces of amaterasu, ancient Greek literature, as Marshall M. Gillies has written. Apollonius has been unfavorably compared to speeches Homer and to his own followers, most notably Virgil and human, Valerius Flaccus. The Fall Of The House Of Usher Plot? The general public has widely ignored Books One, Two, and amaterasu human, Four, as have critics; Book Three has even been published by itself. Electromagnetic? Some critics have come to amaterasu human the defense of the other volumes, pointing out pros military, their importance, while admitting that the long catalogues contained therein do not make lively reading. Human? Books One, Two, and Four have been criticized as lacking in narrative unity and speeches, being simply a series of unconnected episodes. Such critics as Lars Nyberg have taken issue with this judgment, stating that the unifying elements are to be found on the symbolic, thematic and emotional level, while granting that events are loosely arranged, seemingly without any organizing connection with each other. It is to the story of human, Jason and Medea's love for each other that Apollonius owes his reputation. Election 1912? Gillies, writing on a particular scene in Book Three, comments that its subtle balance and symmetry are such as only the closest analysis can reduce to a formal pattern; and it is amaterasu executed with a delicacy of feeling which it is almost an impertinence to between ac and dc current praise.

Scholar Barbara Pavlock has written, Playful and amaterasu, ironic, the Argonautica reflects the pros military poet's self-consciousness about the vast distance between his own age and human, the heroic period represented in Homer's two great epics. Modern criticism has explored the native american question of what genre best defines the Argonautica. Some critics have even claimed that the Argonautica is actually an amaterasu human, anti-epic. Charles Rowan Beye has noted that while the companion work is formally an epic, its emphasis on private narrative about private people makes it more like the human romance or the novel. Companion? Access our Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide for Free.

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica [translated by R. C. Seaton] 1912. The Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius [translated by G. W. Mooney] 1912. Human? The Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius [translated by M. M. Gillies] 1928. Wedding Speeches Examples? Argonautica: Book III [translated by amaterasu human, R. Aeneas Companion? L. Hunter] 1989. The Argonautika [translated by human, Peter Green] 1997. SOURCE: An introduction to The Argonautica of companion, Apol-lonius Rhodius, edited by George W. Mooney, Longmans, Green and Co., 1912, pp. 26-48. [ In the following excerpt, Mooney provides an overview of the Argonautica, describes some of its chief characteristics, including its unsurpassed use of similes, but (with the amaterasu exception of Medea) criticizes its characterizations as vague. A Famous American? ] Apollonius chose for his theme the legend of the Argonauts, the human quest of the golden fleece. For the pros and cons of the military purposes of an epic poem such a theme was well adapted.

The voyage of the amaterasu human Argo, the american first vessel which ploughed the amaterasu human lonely deep, was placed. (The entire section is short 5779 words.) Get Free Access to amaterasu human this Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and examples, thousands more. Amaterasu Human? Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on aeneas, your first read-through. Human? Access Everything From Anywhere. Essay About Escape And Interpretation? We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Amaterasu? Marshall M. Gillies (essay date 1928) SOURCE: An introduction to The Argonautica of election 1912, Apol-lonius Rhodius: Book III, by amaterasu, Apollonius Rhodius, edited by Marshall M. Gillies, Ayer Company, Publishers, Inc., 1985, pp. Companion? xxix-xlv.

[ In the following excerpt from a work originally published in human 1928, Gillies summarizes the Argonautica, considers its relation to aeneas companion other Alexandrine literature, and amaterasu human, discusses Apollonius's unprecedented treatment of wedding speeches examples, romance in Book Three. Amaterasu Human? ] ( a) The Narratives of the pros of the Voyage. The Argonautica begins, not with the amaterasu human departure of a famous native american, Jason from lolcus, but like a modern serial story, with a rapid synopsis of preceding events. Amaterasu? Hard on the conventional. (The entire section is 6470 words.) Get Free Access to this Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide. Difference Between? Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Human? SOURCE: The Quarrel between Callimachus and native american, Apollonius, in Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik, Rudolf Habelt Verlag GMBH, 1980, pp. 1-19. [ In the following essay, Lefkowitz examines the contradictory evidence concerning the famous quarrel between Apollonius and Callimachus and amaterasu human, explains the positions held by each of the american two poets. Human? ] Before I ever read a line of Apollonius I learned from my First Year Greek text that he was the target of election 1912, Callimachus' quip: a big book is amaterasu a big evil (F 465). Every assessment of Apollonius' work takes account of short wedding speeches, his alleged differences with Callimachus, 1 although no. (The entire section is 7605 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to Apollonius of amaterasu, Rhodes: Argonautica, Book III, edited by R. L. Hunter, Cambridge University Press, 1989, pp.

9-12. [ In the following excerpt, Hunter discusses what little information can be gleaned from existing fragments concerning Apollonius's writings other than the a famous Argonautica.] Works other than Argonautica 39. Amaterasu? About A.'s [Apollonius's] considerable output in both poetry and prose we are very poorly informed, but even scraps of information can help to ac and place Arg. in its literary and amaterasu human, intellectual context. One late source 40 refers to of usher A.'s epigrams, but none. (The entire section is 1404 words.) SOURCE: What Did the human Argonauts Seek in Colchis?, in Hermathena, No. 150, Summer, 1991, pp. 31-41. Difference Between Ac And? [ Below, Doumas suggests that the human purpose behind the wave spectrum voyage of the Argonauts was to human obtain the secrets of between ac and, metallurgy. ] As an human, archaeologist seeking to interpret a myth, I too, like the Argonauts, am sailing in election 1912 difficult and possibly dangerous waters, but like them I accept the challenge, I have my motives. For, like G. S. Amaterasu Human? Kirk, I believe that myths 'retain elements from a period many generations earlier than their first recording' and house of usher plot, that they offer 'a cause or explanation of human, something in the real world'. Escape And Interpretation? 1 Thus I see the tale of the Golden Fleece and amaterasu, the Voyage. (The entire section is 4695 words.) SOURCE: Love, Fate, and Deceit: Some Principal Themes in of the the Argonautica, in Unity and Coherence: Studies in Apollonius Rhodius's Argonautica and human, the Alexandrian Epic Tradition, Lund University Press, 1992, pp. Of The Plot? 1-21. [ In the excerpt below, Nyberg replies to the criticism that the Argonautica lacks narrative unity, arguing that the poem's unity is found in amaterasu its themes and imagery. ] 1 Unity and plot, coherence. The general view on the Argonautica has long been negative or at least rather ambivalent. As Levin has observed, there has been a tendency. to approach the human Argonautica in. (The entire section is 7715 words.) Charles Rowan Beye (essay date 1993)

SOURCE: The Argonautica, in Ancient Epic Poetry: Homer, Apollonius, Vergil, Cornell University Press, 1993, pp. 187-218. [ In the following excerpt, Beye explores the literary background of the Argonautica, outlines the plot of the work, and argues that its difficult structure and election 1912, unanswered questions create difficulties for readers. ] She would have taken out her soul from her. and given it to him, so thrilled was she at his. Desire cast its sweet flame out from Jason's. It captured her gleaming eyes. Her wits. (The entire section is 13704 words.) SOURCE: Argonautica and Aeneid, in The Argonautica of Apollonius: Literary Studies, Cambridge University Press, 1993, pp.

170-89. [ In the following excerpt, Hunter examines how Virgil incorporated the Argonautica into his Aeneid as a source of motifs and amaterasu, as a model for poetic techniques. ] The study of how the Argonautica is exploited in aeneas the Aeneid has a long, and occasionally distinguished, history. 1 That it has not advanced further than it has is due to a number of factors, most notably the relative paucity of serious literary critical work on Apollonius' epic; until we have learned to appreciate the. (The entire section is 8791 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to The Best of the amaterasu Argonauts: The Redefinition of the a famous Epic Hero in Book I of Apollonius's Argonautica, University of California Press, 1993, pp. 1-13. [ In the amaterasu human following excerpt, Clauss discusses both the major literary allusions found in the Argonautica, particularly to Homer, and american, the work's symmetrical structure. ] Anyone who approaches the Argonautica for the first time, whether in the original or in translation, will find this epic unusual and amaterasu, challenging for a variety of reasons. First, the reader must have a detailed knowledge of the earlier versions of the Argonautic tale; he or she must also be reasonably conversant with. (The entire section is 5358 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to The Renewal of Epic: Responses to Homer in companion the Argonautica of amaterasu human, Apollonius, E. J. Spectrum? Brill, 1995, pp. Human? 1-48. [ In the following excerpt, Knight explores Appolonius's extensive use of the Iliad and the Odyssey as literary models and as sources of allusions and similes. Electromagnetic Wave Spectrum? ] The Argonautica has now emerged from a long period of comparative neglect to be considered in its own right, rather than merely as a stepping stone between Homer and amaterasu human, Virgil. It may seem surprising, then, that I shall throughout this work measure the Argonautica against the Homeric epics, both in verbal detail and in of usher plot more general themes. This approach is. (The entire section is amaterasu human 19780 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to Escape Q&A The Argonautika, by Apollonius Rhodius, translated by Peter Green, University of amaterasu human, California Press, 1997, pp.

1-13. [ In the following excerpt, Green reviews the known facts about the short speeches life of Apollonius and places in context his quarrel with Callimachus concerning the epic. Amaterasu? ] The author of the pros and cons of the military Argonautika is a remarkably elusive character. We do not know exactly when he was born, or the date of his death. At least three citiesAlexandria, Naukratis, and, inevitably, Rhodeswere claimed in antiquity, and continue to be argued for today, as his birthplace. Our main sources for amaterasu human his life are not only late, but. (The entire section is 6152 words.) Albis, Robert V. Wave Spectrum? The Poet's Ecstasy, in Poet and human, Audience in companion the Argonautica of Apollonius, pp. Human? 17-42.

Lanham, Maryland: Rowman Littlefield Publishers, 1996. Difference Ac And? Explores the human importance of aeneas companion, Apollo to amaterasu human the authority, content, and form of the Argonautica. Bacon, Janet Ruth. Some Interpretations, in The Voyage of the speeches Argonauts, pp. 42-66. London: Methuen Co. 1925. Considers the many conjectures concerning the amaterasu purpose of the voyage of the Argonauts and election 1912, explains how each is lacking in credibility.

Beye, Charles Rowan. The Heroes, in Epic and Romance in amaterasu the Argonautica, of Apollonius, pp. A Famous American? 77-99. Urbana.

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How to Give a Killer Presentation. For more than 30 years, the TED conference series has presented enlightening talks that people enjoy watching. In this article, Anderson, TEDs curator, shares five keys to great presentations: Frame your story (figure out where to human, start and and cons military where to end). Human? Plan your delivery (decide whether to memorize your speech word for word or develop bullet points and then rehearse itover and over). Work on aeneas companion stage presence (but remember that your story matters more than how you stand or whether youre visibly nervous).

Plan the multimedia (whatever you do, dont read from PowerPoint slides). Put it together (play to your strengths and be authentic). According to Anderson, presentations rise or fall on the quality of the idea, the amaterasu human, narrative, and the passion of the speaker. Its about substancenot style. In fact, its fairly easy to coach out the problems in a talk, but theres no way to coach in the basic storythe presenter has to have the house plot, raw material.

So if your thinking is not there yet, he advises, decline that invitation to speak. Instead, keep working until you have an idea thats worth sharing. A little more than a year ago, on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, some colleagues and I met a 12-year-old Masai boy named Richard Turere, who told us a fascinating story. His family raises livestock on the edge of amaterasu human a vast national park, and short examples one of the biggest challenges is protecting the animals from lionsespecially at night. Richard had noticed that placing lamps in human a field didnt deter lion attacks, but when he walked the field with a torch, the speeches, lions stayed away.

From a young age, hed been interested in electronics, teaching himself by, for example, taking apart his parents radio. Amaterasu Human? He used that experience to devise a system of wedding lights that would turn on and off in sequenceusing solar panels, a car battery, and a motorcycle indicator boxand thereby create a sense of movement that he hoped would scare off the amaterasu, lions. Election 1912? He installed the human, lights, and the lions stopped attacking. Soon villages elsewhere in Kenya began installing Richards lion lights. The story was inspiring and wedding examples worthy of the broader audience that our TED conference could offer, but on the surface, Richard seemed an amaterasu unlikely candidate to give a TED Talk. He was painfully shy. His English was halting.

When he tried to native american, describe his invention, the amaterasu, sentences tumbled out electromagnetic wave incoherently. And frankly, it was hard to imagine a preteenager standing on a stage in front of amaterasu human 1,400 people accustomed to hearing from polished speakers such as Bill Gates, Sir Ken Robinson, and Jill Bolte Taylor. But Richards story was so compelling that we invited him to speak. In the native, months before the amaterasu human, 2013 conference, we worked with him to frame his storyto find the right place to the fall house of usher, begin, and to develop a succinct and amaterasu human logical arc of events. On the back of his invention Richard had won a scholarship to one of Kenyas best schools, and there he had the chance to practice the electromagnetic wave, talk several times in front of amaterasu a live audience. It was critical that he build his confidence to the point where his personality could shine through. When he finally gave his talk at TED, in Long Beach, you could tell he was nervous, but that only made him more engagingpeople were hanging on his every word. The confidence was there, and every time Richard smiled, the audience melted. Election 1912? When he finished, the response was instantaneous: a sustained standing ovation. Since the human, first TED conference, 30 years ago, speakers have run the gamut from political figures, musicians, and TV personalities who are completely at ease before a crowd to lesser-known academics, scientists, and writerssome of whom feel deeply uncomfortable giving presentations.

Over the years, weve sought to develop a process for helping inexperienced presenters to frame, practice, and deliver talks that people enjoy watching. It typically begins six to nine months before the event, and involves cycles of election 1912 devising (and revising) a script, repeated rehearsals, and plenty of fine-tuning. Were continually tweaking our approachbecause the art of public speaking is evolving in real timebut judging by public response, our basic regimen works well: Since we began putting TED Talks online, in 2006, theyve been viewed more than one billion times. On the basis of this experience, Im convinced that giving a good talk is amaterasu highly coachable. In a matter of hours, a speakers content and election 1912 delivery can be transformed from muddled to mesmerizing. And while my teams experience has focused on TEDs 18-minutes-or-shorter format, the lessons weve learned are surely useful to amaterasu human, other presenterswhether its a CEO doing an IPO road show, a brand manager unveiling a new product, or a start-up pitching to VCs.

Theres no way you can give a good talk unless you have something worth talking about. Conceptualizing and framing what you want to the fall of the house, say is the most vital part of preparation. Find the Perfect Mix of Data and Narrative. by Nancy Duarte. Most presentations lie somewhere on the continuum between a report and a story. A report is data-rich, exhaustive, and informativebut not very engaging.

Stories help a speaker connect with an amaterasu human audience, but listeners often want facts and information, too. Great presenters layer story and information like a cake, and understand that different types of talks require differing ingredients. From Report: Literal, Informational, Factual, Exhaustive If your goal is to communicate information from a written report, send the full document to aeneas, the audience in advance, and limit the presentation to amaterasu human, key takeaways. Dont do a long slide show that repeats all your findings. Anyone whos really interested can read the report; everyone else will appreciate brevity. Financial audiences love data, and election 1912 theyll want the details. Satisfy their analytical appetite with facts, but add a thread of narrative to appeal to human, their emotional side.

Then present the key takeaways visually, to help them find meaning in election 1912 the numbers. Instead of covering only specs and features, focus on human the value your product brings to the world. Tell stories that show how real people will use it and why it will change their lives. For 30 minutes with a VC, prepare a crisp, well-structured story arc that conveys your idea compellingly in 10 minutes or less; then let QA drive the electromagnetic wave, rest of the meeting. Anticipate questions and human rehearse clear and concise answers. Formal talks at big events are high-stakes, high-impact opportunities to take your listeners on a transformative journey. Use a clear story framework and aim to engage them emotionally. to Story: Dramatic, Experiential, Evocative, Persuasive. Nancy Duarte is the author of HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, Slide:ology, and Resonate.

She is the electromagnetic wave spectrum, CEO of Duarte, Inc., which designs presentations and amaterasu human teaches presentation development. We all know that humans are wired to listen to stories, and metaphors abound for the narrative structures that work best to house, engage people. Human? When I think about compelling presentations, I think about taking an audience on a journey. A successful talk is a little miraclepeople see the world differently afterward. If you frame the talk as a journey, the biggest decisions are figuring out where to start and where to end. To find the electromagnetic wave spectrum, right place to start, consider what people in the audience already know about your subjectand how much they care about it. Human? If you assume they have more knowledge or interest than they do, or if you start using jargon or get too technical, youll lose them.

The most engaging speakers do a superb job of very quickly introducing the topic, explaining why they care so deeply about it, and convincing the audience members that they should, too. The biggest problem I see in first drafts of presentations is that they try to election 1912, cover too much ground. You cant summarize an entire career in a single talk. Amaterasu? If you try to aeneas companion, cram in everything you know, you wont have time to include key details, and amaterasu your talk will disappear into abstract language that may make sense if your listeners are familiar with the subject matter but will be completely opaque if theyre new to it. You need specific examples to flesh out your ideas. So limit the scope of your talk to a famous american, that which can be explained, and brought to life with examples, in the available time. Much of the early feedback we give aims to correct the human, impulse to sweep too broadly.

Instead, go deeper. And Cons Of The? Give more detail. Dont tell us about human, your entire field of studytell us about your unique contribution. A successful talk is a little miraclepeople see the world differently afterward. Of course, it can be just as damaging to overexplain or painstakingly draw out the implications of a talk. And there the remedy is different: Remember that the people in the audience are intelligent. Let them figure some things out for short examples, themselves. Let them draw their own conclusions. Many of the best talks have a narrative structure that loosely follows a detective story.

The speaker starts out by amaterasu human presenting a problem and the fall of the of usher plot then describes the search for a solution. Amaterasu Human? Theres an aha moment, and the audiences perspective shifts in electromagnetic wave a meaningful way. If a talk fails, its almost always because the amaterasu, speaker didnt frame it correctly, misjudged the audiences level of interest, or neglected to tell a story. Even if the topic is important, random pontification without narrative is of the house plot always deeply unsatisfying. Theres no progression, and human you dont feel that youre learning. I was at an energy conference recently where two peoplea city mayor and a former governorgave back-to-back talks. The mayors talk was essentially a list of impressive projects his city had undertaken. It came off as boasting, like a report card or an advertisement for wave spectrum, his reelection. It quickly got boring. When the governor spoke, she didnt list achievements; instead, she shared an idea.

Yes, she recounted anecdotes from human her time in office, but the idea was centraland the stories explanatory or illustrative (and also funny). Aeneas Companion? It was so much more interesting. Amaterasu? The mayors underlying point seemed to election 1912, be how great he was, while the governors message was Heres a compelling idea that would benefit us all. As a general rule, people are not very interested in talks about organizations or institutions (unless theyre members of amaterasu them). Ideas and stories fascinate us; organizations bore ustheyre much harder to relate to. (Businesspeople especially take note: Dont boast about your company; rather, tell us about the problem youre solving.) Once youve got the framing down, its time to spectrum, focus on your delivery. There are three main ways to deliver a talk.

You can read it directly off a script or a teleprompter. Amaterasu? You can develop a set of bullet points that map out what youre going to say in each section rather than scripting the whole thing word for wedding examples, word. Or you can memorize your talk, which entails rehearsing it to the point where you internalize every wordverbatim. My advice: Dont read it, and human dont use a teleprompter. Its usually just too distancingpeople will know youre reading. A Famous Native American? And as soon as they sense it, the way they receive your talk will shift. Suddenly your intimate connection evaporates, and everything feels a lot more formal. We generally outlaw reading approaches of any kind at human TED, though we made an exception a few years ago for a man who insisted on using a monitor. We set up a screen at the back of the auditorium, in the hope that the audience wouldnt notice it. At first he spoke naturally. But soon he stiffened up, and you could see this horrible sinking feeling pass through the pros and cons military, audience as people realized, Oh, no, hes reading to amaterasu, us! The words were great, but the talk got poor ratings.

Many of our best and most popular TED Talks have been memorized word for word. If youre giving an aeneas important talk and you have the time to do this, its the human, best way to go. But dont underestimate the work involved. One of our most memorable speakers was Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain researcher who had suffered a stroke. She talked about what she learned during the eight years it took her to short examples, recover. Amaterasu? After crafting her story and companion undertaking many hours of solo practice, she rehearsed her talk dozens of times in human front of an audience to be sure she had it down. Obviously, not every presentation is worth that kind of wedding speeches examples investment of time.

But if you do decide to memorize your talk, be aware that theres a predictable arc to the learning curve. Most people go through what I call the valley of awkwardness, where they havent quite memorized the talk. Amaterasu? If they give the talk while stuck in american that valley, the audience will sense it. Their words will sound recited, or there will be painful moments where they stare into the middle distance, or cast their eyes upward, as they struggle to remember their lines. This creates distance between the speaker and the audience. Getting past this point is amaterasu simple, fortunately. Its just a matter of rehearsing enough times that the flow of words becomes second nature. Then you can focus on electromagnetic wave spectrum delivering the human, talk with meaning and authenticity. Dont worryyoull get there. But if you dont have time to learn a speech thoroughly and election 1912 get past that awkward valley, dont try. Human? Go with bullet points on the fall house of usher plot note cards.

As long as you know what you want to say for each one, youll be fine. Focus on remembering the transitions from one bullet point to the next. Also pay attention to your tone. Some speakers may want to come across as authoritative or wise or powerful or passionate, but its usually much better to just sound conversational. Dont force it. Dont orate.

Just be you. If a successful talk is a journey, make sure you dont start to amaterasu, annoy your travel companions along the way. Pros Military? Some speakers project too much ego. They sound condescending or full of themselves, and the audience shuts down. Dont let that happen. For inexperienced speakers, the physical act of being onstage can be the most difficult part of giving a presentationbut people tend to overestimate its importance. Getting the words, story, and substance right is amaterasu human a much bigger determinant of aeneas companion success or failure than how you stand or whether youre visibly nervous.

And when it comes to stage presence, a little coaching can go a long way. The biggest mistake we see in early rehearsals is that people move their bodies too much. They sway from side to side, or shift their weight from one leg to the other. Amaterasu Human? People do this naturally when theyre nervous, but its distracting and makes the speaker seem weak. A Famous Native? Simply getting a person to keep his or her lower body motionless can dramatically improve stage presence. There are some people who are able to walk around a stage during a presentation, and thats fine if it comes naturally. But the vast majority are better off standing still and relying on hand gestures for human, emphasis. Perhaps the most important physical act onstage is making eye contact. Find five or six friendly-looking people in different parts of the audience and look them in the eye as you speak. Think of companion them as friends you havent seen in a year, whom youre bringing up to date on your work.

That eye contact is incredibly powerful, and it will do more than anything else to help your talk land. Even if you dont have time to human, prepare fully and have to read from a script, looking up and making eye contact will make a huge difference. Another big hurdle for inexperienced speakers is electromagnetic nervousnessboth in advance of the talk and amaterasu human while theyre onstage. People deal with this in different ways. Many speakers stay out in the audience until the moment they go on; this can work well, because keeping your mind engaged in the earlier speakers can distract you and limit nervousness.

Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School professor who studies how certain body poses can affect power, utilized one of the more unusual preparation techniques Ive seen. She recommends that people spend time before a talk striding around, standing tall, and extending their bodies; these poses make you feel more powerful. Election 1912? Its what she did before going onstage, and she delivered a phenomenal talk. But I think the single best advice is amaterasu human simply to breathe deeply before you go onstage. Companion? It works. In general, people worry too much about nervousness. Nerves are not a disaster. The audience expects you to be nervous. Its a natural body response that can actually improve your performance: It gives you energy to perform and keeps your mind sharp. Just keep breathing, and youll be fine.

Nerves are not a disaster. The audience expects you to amaterasu human, be nervous. Acknowledging nervousness can also create engagement. Showing your vulnerability, whether through nerves or tone of voice, is one of the most powerful ways to win over an audience, provided it is authentic. Short? Susan Cain, who wrote a book about introverts and human spoke at of the of usher our 2012 conference, was terrified about giving her talk. You could feel her fragility onstage, and it created this dynamic where the audience was rooting for hereverybody wanted to hug her afterward. The fact that we knew she was fighting to keep herself up there made it beautiful, and it was the human, most popular talk that year. With so much technology at election 1912 our disposal, it may feel almost mandatory to use, at a minimum, presentation slides. By now most people have heard the advice about PowerPoint: Keep it simple; dont use a slide deck as a substitute for notes (by, say, listing the bullet points youll discussthose are best put on amaterasu note cards); and dont repeat out loud words that are on the slide. Not only is reciting slides a variation of the teleprompter problemOh, no, shes reading to us, too!but information is interesting only once, and hearing and seeing the same words feels repetitive.

That advice may seem universal by now, but go into short speeches, any company and youll see presenters violating it every day. Many of the best TED speakers dont use slides at all, and many talks dont require them. If you have photographs or illustrations that make the topic come alive, then yes, show them. If not, consider doing without, at least for some parts of the presentation. And if youre going to amaterasu, use slides, its worth exploring alternatives to PowerPoint. For instance, TED has invested in the company Prezi, which makes presentation software that offers a cameras-eye view of a two-dimensional landscape. Instead of a flat sequence of images, you can move around the landscape and zoom in to it if need be. Used properly, such techniques can dramatically boost the visual punch of of the plot a talk and enhance its meaning. Artists, architects, photographers, and designers have the human, best opportunity to use visuals.

Slides can help frame and pace a talk and help speakers avoid getting lost in jargon or overly intellectual language. (Art can be hard to talk aboutbetter to aeneas companion, experience it visually.) Ive seen great presentations in human which the artist or designer put slides on an automatic timer so that the image changed every 15 seconds. Ive also seen presenters give a talk accompanied by video, speaking along to it. That can help sustain momentum. Pros Military? The industrial designer Ross Lovegroves highly visual TED Talk, for instance, used this technique to bring the amaterasu human, audience along on a remarkable creative journey. Another approach creative types might consider is to build silence into their talks, and just let the work speak for itself. The kinetic sculptor Reuben Margolin used that approach to election 1912, powerful effect. The idea is not to think Im giving a talk. Instead, think I want to give this audience a powerful experience of amaterasu my work. The single worst thing artists and short speeches examples architects can do is to retreat into abstract or conceptual language.

Video has obvious uses for many speakers. Amaterasu? In a TED Talk about the intelligence of the fall of the plot crows, for instance, the scientist showed a clip of a crow bending a hook to fish a piece of food out of a tubeessentially creating a tool. It illustrated his point far better than anything he could have said. Used well, video can be very effective, but there are common mistakes that should be avoided. A clip needs to be shortif its more than 60 seconds, you risk losing people. Dont use videosparticularly corporate onesthat sound self-promotional or like infomercials; people are conditioned to tune those out. Anything with a soundtrack can be dangerously off-putting. And whatever you do, dont show a clip of yourself being interviewed on, say, CNN. Ive seen speakers do this, and its a really bad ideano one wants to go along with you on human your ego trip. The people in your audience are already listening to you live; why would they want to simultaneously watch your talking-head clip on a screen?

We start helping speakers prepare their talks six months (or more) in advance so that theyll have plenty of time to practice. We want peoples talks to be in final form at least a month before the event. Electromagnetic? The more practice they can do in the final weeks, the amaterasu, better off theyll be. Ideally, theyll practice the talk on their own and in aeneas front of an audience. The tricky part about rehearsing a presentation in front of other people is that they will feel obligated to human, offer feedback and constructive criticism. Often the the fall of usher plot, feedback from amaterasu different people will vary or directly conflict. This can be confusing or even paralyzing, which is why its important to be choosy about the people you use as a test audience, and whom you invite to offer feedback. In general, the more experience a person has as a presenter, the better the criticism he or she can offer. I learned many of these lessons myself in election 1912 2011. My colleague Bruno Giussani, who curates our TEDGlobal event, pointed out amaterasu human that although Id worked at TED for nine years, served as the emcee at our conferences, and introduced many of the speakers, Id never actually given a TED Talk myself. Election 1912? So he invited me to give one, and I accepted.

It was more stressful than Id expected. Even though I spend time helping others frame their stories, framing my own in a way that felt compelling was difficult. I decided to amaterasu human, memorize my presentation, which was about pros of the military, how web video powers global innovation, and amaterasu human that was really hard: Even though I was putting in a lot of electromagnetic wave spectrum hours, and amaterasu human getting sound advice from my colleagues, I definitely hit a point where I didnt quite have it down and began to doubt I ever would. I really thought I might bomb. I was nervous right up until the companion, moment I took the stage. But it ended up going fine. Its definitely not one of the all-time great TED Talks, but it got a positive reactionand I survived the stress of amaterasu going through it.

As hard as it may be to give a great talk, its really easy to blow it. Here are some common mistakes that TED advises its speakers to avoid. 1. Pros Of The Military? Take a really long time to explain what your talk is about. 2. Speak slowly and dramatically. Why talk when you can orate? 3. Make sure you subtly let everyone know how important you are. 4. Amaterasu? Refer to your book repeatedly. Even better, quote yourself from companion it. 5. Cram your slides with numerous text bullet points and multiple fonts. 6. Use lots of unexplained technical jargon to make yourself sound smart. 7. Speak at great length about the history of your organization and its glorious achievements.

8. Dont bother rehearsing to check how long your talk is running. 9. Sound as if youre reciting your talk from memory. 10. Amaterasu Human? Never, ever make eye contact with anyone in the audience. Ultimately I learned firsthand what our speakers have been discovering for three decades: Presentations rise or fall on aeneas the quality of the amaterasu human, idea, the narrative, and the passion of the speaker. Its about substance, not speaking style or multimedia pyrotechnics. Its fairly easy to coach out the problems in a talk, but theres no way to coach in the basic storythe presenter has to have the raw material. If you have something to say, you can build a great talk. But if the wedding examples, central theme isnt there, youre better off not speaking. Decline the invitation. Go back to work, and wait until you have a compelling idea thats really worth sharing.

The single most important thing to amaterasu, remember is that there is no one good way to do a talk. Pros Of The? The most memorable talks offer something fresh, something no one has seen before. The worst ones are those that feel formulaic. So do not on any account try to emulate every piece of advice Ive offered here. Take the bulk of human it on election 1912 board, sure. But make the talk your own.

You know whats distinctive about you and your idea. Play to your strengths and human give a talk that is truly authentic to you.

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8 Amazing Examples of Business Owners Responding to Reviews. Amaterasu. Online reviews on and cons of the military, sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google give people a way to share their customer experiences not only human, with businesses but with fellow consumers, too. And consumers rely on these reviews in order to discover businesses and brands that provide the best customer experience. Thats why monitoring and responding to reviews is an important part of managing customer feedback and protecting your brand reputation. If you arent doing this yet, take the time to companion, respond to and communicate with your happy and unhappy customers on amaterasu, all the review sites and feedback channels where they may be talking. Pros Military. ReviewTrackers found that 52 percent of customers expect to hear back from brands within 7 days of writing an online review, particularly one thats negative or critical. 1 in 4 customers are more demanding, expecting a review response within 3 days, while 21 percent expect brands to human, have a response time of companion 24 hours or less. 78 percent of amaterasu consumers say that seeing management respond to online reviews makes them believe that the business cares more about them.

Need inspiration for navigating the (sometimes treacherous) waters of online customer reviews and feedback? Download the Templates: Respond to Reviews. And discover how successful companies use ReviewTrackers to respond to customer reviews. The Fall Of Usher Plot. Download the Excel document after filling out the amaterasu human, form below. 8 Amazing Responses to a famous native, Online Customer Reviews. 1. Human. Resolve issues and offer a solution. JetBlue Airways Twitter account serves as one of the companys main customer service channels. When a customer named Esai Velez complained (politely) about his backseat TV not working, JetBlue responded within minutes . 2. Reinforce positives in the customer experience. Wedding Examples. Yelper Cassandra I. had good things to say about amaterasu, her amazing experience at the Kreme de la Kreme Nail Lounge in Long Beach. But for her, the nail salons services were a little bit too pricey: hence, the pros and cons of the military, 3-star rating.

The salons manager responded by thanking Cassandra for the positive feedback. Human. She also explained why Kreme de la Kreme was more expensive than the competition. Election 1912. Note the subtle, effective way her response turns the negative into human a positive: 3. Recognize the staff and share customer success to the team. A positive review is obviously great for your brand reputation. But its also a great booster of employee morale.

Check out how Hard Rock Cafe Hollywoods short, simple response to this Yelp review painted a picture of a happy team of employees committed to customer success: Always say thank you to customers who leave positive reviews. When you write back, though, dont be lazy. Personalize your response and show genuine appreciation for customer feedback. House Of Usher Plot. We love this amazing review response by amaterasu Jessica Lavin of Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. She even managed to pay hotel guests a sweet compliment. One of the guests at the Stamford Plaza in short, Brisbane posted a negative TripAdvisor review of the amaterasu, hotel, citing noisy rooms and impolite staff. Manager Philippe wrote a very professional and thoughtful response to the review, apologizing for the guests experience and providing reassurance that the business was already working on improvements. Sometimes, a customer will raise tough issues in their review. Tackle these without losing your cool or sounding like youve been wrongfully accused (even if it were indeed the case). Kareo CEO Dan Rodrigues understands the value of reviews and feedback left by his employees and he responds to reviews on Glassdoor with amazing thoughtfulness. Heres an example of a famous native american his responses:

Veterinary medicine and amaterasu human care is a tough industry. Emotions run high and in times of emergency and crisis, pet parents can be extremely vocal and election 1912 opinionated which can then easily translate into what they write in online reviews. For example: there will always be people who are going to be convinced that their vets are just in it for amaterasu human, the money and dont really care about the of the house, welfare of their animals. In response to one such review, Forest Grove Veterinary Clinic posted a classy response that highlighted the companys values while also directly addressing the customers experience. 8. In special cases, fight back and amaterasu human protect your brand reputation. Once in pros and cons, a while, an angry and unreasonable customer will Yelp your business or even issue legal threats simply in order to get what they want. How you should respond will depend on a case-by-case basis although we do recommend that you dont do anything that stirs the pot or causes bigger controversies. If the review violates the review sites content guidelines, flag it or send a report.

Act in order to protect your brand reputation, instead of inflicting further damage on it. This last example isnt necessarily what we would tell other business owners to do, but its still pretty amazing how this restaurant in Kansas City responded to a nasty Yelp review: Do you have more examples of amazing responses to amaterasu, online customer reviews? Feel free to share them in of the house, the comments section below. Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed. Thanks! Great examples.

After reading Voltaire#8217;s response, I want to visit this restaurant! I think the reviewer may have inadvertently provided a reason to visit. Id would definitely go to NYC to visit Voltaire#8230;. Human. my opinion, i felt that review just got them more customers#8230; #8220;including me#8221;. Subscribe today to get one email a month with a new, data-rich report about the wedding speeches examples, consumer experience. Get started with our Customer Experience Management Certification.

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essay jobs career 2000) The result suggested that the internship might have provided better preparation than universities. Human? And the lead author of Careers- in theory blog, David Winter pointed out election 1912 that graduates should think about developing in-demand skills to the highest level and demonstrate their potential to the employers (White, 2011). There are many skills that they could only learn in practical work. For example, although the intern may have learned many of the basic skills needed to operate a machine, he. How Globalization Will Affect My Future Career Essay. At the amaterasu human start of this class my view on globalization and outsourcing was that it is going to affect me negatively. It is true that it affects me, and at times it may be rough, but in the long run things will be better. When I first started going to college my plan was to get my bachelors and house plot, be done with school. I didnt really want to amaterasu human go beyond a bachelors degree because school is not my favorite thing.

Now I know that if I want to house succeed in todays world, I have to be on a higher level because. types of jobs that are available for nursing. You can work at a hospital, nursing home, become a home health aid anything that is in amaterasu human, your field. There are about five, careers that are in my major. No there are not other areas of work directly to nursing. The yearly salary for aeneas nursing is $64,690. Does nursing career require traveling? It depends on where you live at. But in New York, it does not require you to travel.

Nursing will always be my major. I will. Vision and Mission Statement: Vision: Become a well trusted organization which helps parents and amaterasu human, their children choose their careers better and hence live better lives. Mission: Opportunities and Potential: As there are no such data available no one can actually predict the actual market size of the industry. American? The Career prospects Service in amaterasu human, Schools is not so common in India as there are very few options people think of. So, they believe that there is a famous no need to go for some private counselor. Present Career, Career Interest and the Value of a College Education. I have been in this position and with the company for four years.

I enjoy the responsibility of human my present career, but I would like new challenges and new opportunities. I have been researching positions within the institution and all of them are requiring a college degree. I have come to the realization that individuals with a college degree have better job opportunities and with the a famous american proper credentials land the higher-level jobs. A college education is one of the most important endeavors. Career Management/Development Essay. restructuring or shaping up for the future, are just a few of the phrases in use to indicate redundancy. In recognition of the fast changes in the nature of jobs as a result of the changing nature of the business market, Herriot (1992, p. 4), believed that organisations have to develop their people so that they are flexible enough to meet new challenges and fill new jobs. Employee flexibility for horizontal career moves is amaterasu one of the characteristics of the a famous new careers. The traditional employment contract. Essay about A Career as an amaterasu human, Athletic Director.

and a few meetings (Discovering Careers for your Future). It also helps to have people skills, therefore the relationship with the sponsor will be on good terms so money can be raised (Discovering Careers for your Future).The list goes on about the duties of an athletic director, for instance it is their job to let everyone know about the schedule and bus times, not to mention they may have to attend banquets and speak at them (Discovering Careers for your Future). If at a larger school they may. The Way I See My Future Career in Journalism Essay. This is actually true in a way. If we are painting a picture with our words than if we have the actual photos why our writing shouldnt be a photo more. 4. Examples? Advertising and Public Relations This course surveys the related fields of advertising and public relations and examines their role in contemporary society. Topics include history, law, ethics, social dynamics, and economic implications as well as creative and amaterasu human, technical elements of the american advertising and public relations campaign. The process. the colonies, and developed into politicians and the founding fathers of our country. Throughout the human eighteenth century and continuing to today, the career as a lawyer in America developed into one of election 1912 high social standing, good pay, and a stronghold in the law.

Future Economic and Growth Trends As a young lawyer, points out five main future economic and growth trends I should be aware of. First of all, more practice based educations seem to amaterasu be popping up. A Famous Native American? Instead of full on classwork. Career Research: Psychiatrist Essay. insurance, and retirement plans. (Career Information Center 142- 43) . ?After future psychiatrists have graduated high school they must go through many years of human training and school. They must complete a Bachelors degree, four years of medical school training, one year at an internship and three years of psychiatric training.

After they complete all that school they have to take examinations to certify that they are qualified and can be licensed to be a psychiatrist. (Career Information Center 142- 43) Essay about the fall of the of usher plot Careers in Accounting. financial managers is excellent. Both the private ($117,845) and amaterasu, the public (102,270) sector's median annual wage outpaces the national average for other management occupations (93,910) and the job growth is right on par with national average. The first career option I explored was one for someone who was in native american, their first few years in the industry. This position is one to aspire to human after getting some experience. A high pay rate and the opportunity to work with some of the elite business people in the world. she had regarding the steps she needed to take to pursue her career dreams, and aeneas companion, the best path to take given that she was faced with various options She interviewed many different people including HR consultants/recruiters, and whereas they all agreed that what she was seeking for was noble, none seemed to have a solution. Eileen then resolved to seek for a solution to amaterasu her seemingly unique problem, and short examples, read a couple dozen books on careers, most of which she had to import from UK. By applying her newly. vocational psychology had shifted in the second half of the 20th century due to the massive waves of redundancies and amaterasu human, restructuring.

Hughes (1937) described career as the sequence of a persons life experiences, considering on the subjective dimensions such as social, economic and cultural context. DeFillippi and Arthur (1994) introduced the boundaryless career concept, which combines both traditional hierarchies and innovative new ventures. Hassard (2012) stated that the concept of secure jobs have diminished. Pursuing a Career in Dentistry Essay. Her dedication and care for her patients instilled in electromagnetic wave, me the desire to be in her position and give my service to the community. I also learned how to human be bold and compassionate in life and in the career choices that I make.

While I wasnt able to aeneas help my mother, I hope I can help someone else in the future whos going through the same pain as she is. While shadowing Dr. Veiga, one of my most rewarding experiences was with a middle-aged man who came to the clinic to get his cavities filled. Human? As he. Essay on Career Opportunities: The History of wave spectrum Teaching. needed to become or obtain the career of teaching. According to human the US Department of electromagnetic Education, all states require teachers to have at least a bachelors degree in Education. All future teachers should learn how to present information to students by exercising the program of student teaching (Occupational Outlook Handbook 2). Both community and four-year colleges provide the basic concepts needed to amaterasu human become a teacher.

After receiving ones degree in education, future teachers need to pass a general. Masters in Counseling Careers Essay. educational and of usher plot, career issues. For example, school counselors fall into this category and human, work at all levels of the school system from elementary to postsecondary. They help students cope with the social and emotional stresses and pressures of a famous american growing up.

School counselors may help advocate personal growth and education for students in addition to providing crisis intervention following traumatic or violent occurrences. Vocational counselors help people make important career decisions and amaterasu, develop. A Career as a Plastic Surgeon Essays. It also takes many years of examples college. Another reason why people choose to pursue a career as a Plastic Surgeon is because it offers a great amount of earnings. Plastic Surgeons salary in the United States range is amaterasu human around $323,434 based on the years of work experience while an hourly wage ranges from between $114 to election 1912 $394 (Plastic Surgeons Salary.) Additionally, the most famous Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills is Dr. Robert Rey.

He was educated from human Harvard Medical Schools. Dr. Of The? Rey has done. A Career as a Criminal Investigator Essay. Classes like computer technology or computer science classes are also beneficial (Mesloh).

The Criminal Investigator career requires a four year degree or Bachelors degree in a criminal justice program. In his letter, Dr. Mesloh states, Students can choose courses that provide hands-on training in a crime lab setting. Utilizing audiovisual programs and aids, fingerprint kits, drug identification and handwriting analysis. Amaterasu? A great college for a degree in criminal justice that is in Michigan would. Essay on Exploring Career Options. starting my own business.

Entrepreneurship and starting a business is the ultimate career in capitalism putting your idea to pros and cons of the military work in a competitive economy. Various risks generate enormous wealth for the entrepreneur. However, a career as an entrepreneur is not for everybody. You need to be hard working, creative, willing, and able to take risks and be a good people person. One of the best things about pursuing a career as an entrepreneur is the amount of possibilities. There are many businesses where. Career Planning and Development Essay. Effective career management should adhere to a number of principles.

Consistency and coherency within organizations in messages about what career and career management is, proactively collaboration between employer and employee and dynamism. Goals of career management process must be explicit and that this will be most easily achieved if there is amaterasu human a limited number of compliable interventions. CAREER DECISION POINT International Assignment. jobs will require a secretary to be able to election 1912 type sixty-five words per minute (Secretary Job Description, Career as a Secretary 2). Besides obtaining an office administration degree, one could take office courses offered in high school.

These courses could qualify a high school graduate for amaterasu an entry-level secretarial job (Secretaries and pros and cons of the military, Administrative Assistants 2). I am suited for this career because I have already taken office courses while in human, high school, which have taught me desktop publishing. Essay on election 1912, A Career as a Plastic Surgeon. surgery of amaterasu grafts, flaps, free tissue transfer and and cons military, the replanting of human that tissue (Plastic Surgery). Plastic surgeons have to be driven and focused individuals who are willing to go through many years of schooling and long work hours (Plastic Surgeon; career profile and education). Pros And Cons Of The? To become a Plastic surgeon a person must complete at human, least 13 years of schooling. To start with one takes 4 years of undergraduate or premedical school, next is 4 years of medical school, and short wedding, finally a minimum of 5 years. Interior Design as a Career Essay.

advertising, accounting, and amaterasu human, management (Careers in Focus: Design). Most designers go through a college or specialized education before entering the field, but some base their careers entirely on high school courses. For a complete list of election 1912 recommended courses for college, see Appendix A. When applying for a job, it is beneficial to have a college education because a designer is amaterasu more desirable when one knows they are fully capable. The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance points out that. Essay on of the house, Career Development: Whose Responsibility Is It? responsibilities and human, requirements of the fall house of usher plot their role within this continually advancing environment. In Protean Careers of the 21st Century, Hall states that the organisational career is dead, while the protean career is alive and flourishing (Hall, 1996, p.8). Therefore, to understand whose responsibility career development is, we need ask how the human business environment has evolved and what a protean career is. Long gone are the days of native lifetime employment. It used to be the case that individuals were employed. Previously, the existing literature has concentrated mainly on the objective aspects of professional careers, but in the present context, subjective success perceived by human, employees has gained in importance (DeVos, Dewettnick and electromagnetic wave spectrum, Buyens, 2008), although it is still a developing subject for human investigation.

With regard to records on organizational commitment, investigations conducted by Lee (1971), Mowday et al. (1982) and Steers (1977), confirmed later by meta-analyses by Mathieu and Zajac (1990) and. statement. They ensure that the values that are presented are for the financial year contains the right values. Accounting career paths are very varied and a famous native, this is why many a times one has to consider the path that they want take. Many people after they have cleared school do not have an impression where to flinch their careers but the many options have in these career paths that can be taken. Book keeping is another thing that they can do. These are the people who keep records of invoices, payments. a new vision for the brand. It is human also the a famous native american brand manager's job to ensure that other functions such as promotions, market research, research and development, and manufacturing are orchestrated to implement the strategy that they have developed. Careers in product and human, brand management tend to attract high potential, well motivated individuals who can accept broad responsibilities easily and with little supervision, communicate well with other people, are willing to do some traveling, and thrive on.

Preparing for Multiple Careers Essay. them, the electromagnetic freedom to make multiple career choices and changes is amaterasu subject to pros and cons of the constraints such as socioeconomic background, gender, age, and the nature of the opportunity structure (Heinz 2002; Mallon 1999; Miller 1999). Human? Some argue that the concept of career is relevant only for the privileged or professional classes (Mallon 1999; Miller 1999). For example, Duffield and Franks' (2002) study of election 1912 nurses who changed careers concluded that moving to another career or position is amaterasu human a natural behavior of. Career change can have a significant impact on an individual. Changing careers can bring on stress and anxiety. Many people have to worry whether or not changing careers is feasible with their personal lives. Other obstacles include opportunity for advancement, self purpose, and the ability to make and justify sacrifices for a new career.

There is a resolution to electromagnetic wave spectrum preparing for a career change. Obtaining a degree in a field of human interest, pay, compensation, and self worth. To prepare for a smooth. my career. The steps that I will take to pros and cons of the improve the human quality of my messages is pros of the military I will try my best to human be well rounded as an individual and have the ability to communicate on every level. I believe I can achieve this through studying communication practices, researching my possible receivers and by being teachable so that I can learn from others. And Cons Of The Military? Communication is the key to human success on any platform, so learning how to communicate better will make your career more successful.

The final my career plan. Essay on short wedding speeches examples, Career as an Anesthesiologist or Radiologist. anesthesiology requires so much preparation and training, many anesthesiologists will stay with the same hospital for amaterasu the remainder of their careers (23). In addition to working in hospitals, anesthesiologists can work in settings outside of the and cons military hospital, such as in standalone clinics as well as in a practice. According to Hayes, anesthesiology is a lucrative career to consider because it is one of the human fastest growing medical specialties (23). A specific hospital that I have actually visited (other. mathematical equations that the laws and concepts of electricity and electromagnetic forces are described (The Gale of Encyclopedia of Science 1-2). Wedding Examples? Programs that demonstrate math should be enforced for students that have an amaterasu human, interest in engineering as a career. Having lack of knowledge in the areas needed to be successful as an house, engineer will have a tremendous effect on the individual striving to become an amaterasu, engineer. The individual will have to start from the lower level because the knowledge to be an engineer. and career counselors), most states require that school counselors obtain a masters degree in school counseling or a related field (Education, para.1).

In addition to a masters degree, school counselors will need to have credentials that meet the specific states requirements and qualifications (Licenses, para. Short Wedding Examples? 1). A few personal traits that are crucial to being a successful counselor include compassion, listening skills, people skills, and speaking skills (2012-2013A, School and career counselors) pursue a career in I/O psychology. One skill that is very important is human communication. Aeneas? Another skill/ability that one needs to have is the idea of amaterasu organization. Regarding a psychologist who deals with QWL, the electromagnetic spectrum best possible scenario would be getting a position working as a human resource manager for a corporation. In this position the individual has the most ability to put his/her skills to work in human, aiding the industry in taking care of its most valuable assets the companion people. An additional career choice.

. 20 Documenting Employment Authorization . 21 . Career Management Checklist. (Beckman Davidson 1997) A short list of some of the categories that fall under a career in marketing are: Public Relations Brand Management Promotions Advertising Market Research Each relies on a combination of similar and decidedly different individual talents, knowledge and amaterasu human, strengths to be effective in the job. An examination of each sub-field above will give a better insight into what each entails. Market Research Market Research involves researching the companion intended target. That target. Potential Career: Flight Attendant Essay. to create. Human? Being realistic means that I am practical and native, like to work with my hands, I think both careers are conducive to hands on work, but neither to physical labor a profession that seems to human mainly satisfy realists. I genuinely like making things, but I dont think that I could just be a physical laborer, I want to use my mind as well but I dont know how easy that would be with the two careers in question. Realist types also like to do things as opposed to just talking about them, this is very.

Veterinary Technology Careers Essay. program and receive a license to practice. Continued education is also required throughout a career as a veterinary technician because technology is american constantly changing. Although salary and required schooling are important factors in my career choice, they are not the main reason I want to become a veterinary technician. I have always loved animals and have had a natural ability to work with them. A career as a veterinary technician would be very satisfying for me because I would be helping animals.

The stage which deals with declination falls between 65years and above where the individual reduces in human, output and prepares for retirement. Donald Super career move from one phase of change, so do people change with time and experience and native american, progress through the amaterasu following vocational development stages: 1) Crystallization stage, between 14 to 18 years where individuals develop and plan a tentative vocational goal. 2) Specification stage between 18 to 21 years where a person begins to firm. Sunday and youth group on Wednesday. I can be either male or female, I must be in election 1912, good mental and physical health. Human? I must be old enough to understand everything that is being taught to be at least an apprentice.

The most common method of entry into the career field is through talking to the pastor. It is very important that you set a good example for election 1912 the people around you and continue on with your growth in human, Christ through the Bible, classes, lessons, scenarios, and your students. The specific duties are. As I already indicated I would like to discuss televisions role in the future and give an answer about the Internet killing television. Personally, I think that the death of TV prophesied by many, is too easy and quickly. If we take a look at the history of mass media, we might realize that mediums have never been replaced, but existed alongside each other. Television and the Internet, often seen as opponents, can work together. There is no doubt that we are watching more television than ever. Essay on The Future of Social Security.

is healthy but it is slightly going downhill. Luke Mullins, contributor to the U.S. Pros Of The Military? News Report, states There absolutely is no crisis. When Mullins stated this, he understood the future can be rough, but it is amaterasu does not have to be; it must be dealt with now to prevent a system meltdown. Social Securitys future Income testing is one proposal that causes much debate. This proposal calls for people who make above a certain income not to receive the Social Security benefits, even if they have.

Medical Billing and Coding Career Essay. CODING CAREER Medical billers and medical coders usually work normal business hours, with occasional overtime and weekends. There are several programs available in election 1912, a variety of different degree options. Most employers requirements involve at amaterasu human, least an associate degree. Although an associate degree tends to be the general standard in the industry, some employers may consider applicants whose post-secondary education is a specialized medical coding and billing diploma or certificate from a career school. In our example, suppose the price on futures contracts for tomatoes increases to $4 per bushel the election 1912 day after the amaterasu farmer and McDonald's enter into their futures contract of $3.50 per bushel. The farmer, as the holder of the short position, has lost $0.50 per plot bushel because the selling price just increased from the future price at which he is obliged to sell his tomatoes. Amaterasu Human? McDonald's has profited by $0.50 per bushel.

Most transactions in the futures market are settled in cash, and the actual physical. weary brow to our economic way of aeneas thinking (Wikipedia, 2011). Amaterasu? Therefore, gaining employment within a DoD agency would kill two birds with one stone; DoD has deep pockets and often welcome Keynesian economical thoughts. To further assure my niche for future employment would be best suited within the Defense sector, I recently accomplished the Jungian Personality Self-Assessment, also known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessment afforded me the opportunity to see how others perceive me.

organization, so, naturally, sustainability is becoming a more and election 1912, more popular guideline when planning for the future. But is this mindset applicable to HRM? Is sustainability be the best tool for companies to ensure a long and consistent future? This paper will see the amaterasu current progress of and cons of the military this approach, and identify some of its core features. Literature review: 1. Recent Developments and Future Prospects on Sustainable Human Resource Management: Introduction to the Special Issue (Ehnert Harry. larger firm with benefits, higher rate of pay, and with the still promised positions of customer service or management. With this company they kept their word and amaterasu human, called on me to fill a customer service position with in the first year there. My career in Security was starting in pros and cons of the, fashion and with a renewed sense of worth I excelled. I met their challenge and exceeded their expectations finishing what they had asked me to do in a record time frame but what where they going to do with me. The. the USA serves a hegemon for the rest of the international community.

As long as we or any other hegemon can control the world arena, the likelihood for amaterasu human full scale war is greatly diminished. Native American? Another principle of realism that will secure peace in the future is collective security (Kegley and Wittkopf 2001 p.559). Right now, NATO emphasizes the doctrines of collective security by human, stating that an attack on aeneas, one NATO country is an attack on all NATO countries. Which state will have the guts to wage war against. by reviewing daily, monthly, and quarterly accounting reports to endure sufficient funding is available to accomplish mission goals. A Career In Accounting 3 EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Degree in accounting or a degree in a related field such as business administration or finance. Should include up to 6 hours of human credit in business law. Financial accountants provide information. My Career Plan for next 5 year Essay.

take the path to a famous native american my career, I must improve my skills, enrich my knowledge and obtain experience in the field which Im going to study. This program gives me an opportunity and I must use this opportunity to study in amaterasu human, the US. A good educational background and ability to use it in beneficial conditions is a famous native american a significant point in rising along career stairs. Masters Degree in Business administration from amaterasu human US University will be a great step forward in my self-development and career as well as this country.

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In what circumstances can attitudes predict behaviour. In what circumstances can attitudes predict behaviour? This essay aims to show that attitudes do not always predict behaviour, and a number of other variables should be in place before we can estimate the likelihood of a person behaving according to their attitudes. Social Psychologists have suggested that variables such as the intention to act according to amaterasu human attitudes, the perceived control over one's actions, the strength and accessibility of attitude, and the situational context shape the circumstances in which attitudes predict behaviour. Of The House Of Usher Plot! Attempts to predict behaviour from attitudes without making these crucial qualifications have found a lack of correlation between attitudes and behaviour. There was a time when the human, concept of attitudes was hailed as the companion, most important contribution of amaterasu, Social Psychology (Allport 1935). The term 'attitude' is now taken for electromagnetic wave granted in human, our everyday lay vocabulary, but has been treated with increasing scepticism by some Social Psychologists. House Plot! A major blow to popular assumptions about attitudes came from evidence of a discrepancy between attitudes and behaviour. This posed serious problems for the study of attitudes, because it was previously believed that attitudes could be inferred from human, behaviour. This apparent discrepancy has led to a re-thinking and refining of the definition of attitudes.

The simplest definition of attitude is 'a feeling or opinion about spectrum something or someone' (Cambridge International Dictionary, 2002). Amaterasu Human! This much Social Psychologists agree on, but from here they diverge. A key difference is over how many components attitudes consist of. The three major models are as follows: The one component model (pioneered by Thurstone), which sees attitudes as emotional assessment of objects; the two component model, which stresses the predisposition to negative or positive action towards an electromagnetic spectrum, evaluated object; and the three component model, which asserts that attitudes are made up of cognitive, affective and behavioural components (Hogg, 1998: 118).. It is implicit in human, the two and three component models that attitudes predict behaviour. The Fall Of The House! The discrepancy between attitude and behaviour, mentioned above, forces us to human question these models. This discrepancy was most dramatically observed in of the, an experiment by LaPiere. Accompanied by two Chinese, he visited 66 hotels, auto-camps and tourist homes, and 184 restaurants. Only one establishment turned them away.

Six months later, LaPiere sent around a questionnaire to the places he had visited, asking 'will you accept members of the Chinese race as guests in your establishment?' 92 per cent of the replies were negative, only one per cent were positive, and the remainder claimed that it would depend on the circumstances (Hogg 1998: 124). Further studies have confirmed LaPiere's findings, and Wicker concluded that at most, attitudes predict only 9 per cent of our behaviour (Wicker 1969). If attitudes do not predict behaviour then perhaps the concept of the attitude is not of amaterasu human, such great use after all. Attitudes are also notoriously difficult to measure accurately. Questionnaires are the main techniques for attitude measurement, which rely on honest answers from participants.

However, people do not always wish to share their private attitudes, especially if they run counter to the values of the aeneas, given culture. For example, in Britain today, fewer people would admit to holding racist attitudes than the number that actually have them, because such attitudes are no longer generally considered acceptable. If the measured attitude is amaterasu human, not the same as the actual attitude then it is even harder to electromagnetic wave assess whether attitudes are predicting behaviour. We must remember that 'attitude' is a theoretical construct, which is valid only if it can withstand scientific testing. Because the human, measurement of attitudes is imprecise, we cannot really say with confidence what an attitude is. Other methods have been devised for measuring attitudes with greater accuracy, but these are fairly controversial. The bogus pipeline technique dupes participants into thinking that they are connected to and cons military a 'lie detector' which can judge their emotional responses (Hogg 1998:155). Participants are consequently more honest about their attitudes, since they are led to believe that they cannot hide them if they try.

This method is human, quite effective, but is possibly unethical, as it intentionally misleads participants. Physiological measures of attitude which test skin resistances, heart-rate, and pupil dilations overcome the problem of participant honesty, but have problems of their own. Other factors than emotional attitudes can influence the a famous american, physical response, including nervousness induced by being assessed. Furthermore, such physiological measures cannot distinguish negative from positive feelings, as strong feelings of both kinds elicit similar responses (Hogg, 1998: 153). However, these dilemmas have not led Social Psychologists to abandon the study of attitudes.

Ajzen and amaterasu human, Fishbein refine the link between attitudes and behaviour, reckoning that attitudes can indeed predict behaviour, but it is a mistake to try to predict specific behaviour from general attitudes. Specific attitudes can predict specific behaviour, and general attitudes can predict general behaviours using a multiple act criterion as a behavioural index based on a mean or combination of a number of specific behaviours (Hogg 1998: 126). Fishbein and aeneas, Ajzen's theory of reasoned action states that behaviour cannot be predicted by amaterasu attitude alone. Intention to act in a certain way plays a crucial part in companion, determining whether or not the action is human, taken. The actor's intention is aeneas, influenced by amaterasu human his own attitude towards the behaviour, and subjective norms, which are the perceived beliefs of other people. Companion! The value that the individual places on these factors can also vary. Some people are more concerned than others about subjective norms, and in different cases different people care more or less about the amaterasu human, object of their attitudes. Ajzen further refined his perspective on the fall house of usher plot attitudes with his theory of planned behaviour. This theory also incorporates the effect of the individual's belief that he has control over his actions.

People with a greater sense that certain behaviour is feasible are more likely to actually behave in human, that way. Madden (1992) showed that students' perceived control over their actions correlates with their intentions to behave and their actual behaviour, especially with behaviour that is actually easier to control. The Fall Of Usher Plot! Terry (1993) applied the theory of planned behaviour to the issue of safe sex, and found that the degree of control that people believe they have substantially improves the prediction of behaviour from attitudes in this real world context. Both the theory of reasoned action and the theory of amaterasu human, planned behaviour place emphasis on the rationality of human behaviour, but not all kinds of electromagnetic wave, behaviour are equally reasoned. Amaterasu Human! Habit is an important example of behaviour which is not thought through, but occurs almost unconsciously without being mediated by attitudes. Habits are the result of repeated previous behaviour, and they guide future behaviour. Addictions are extreme kinds of habits, and it is physically and election 1912, psychologically harder to break them. In the case of smoking, the smoker's behaviour is determined more by his habit than by attitudes.

A survey showed that 71 per cent of smokers agreed that 'cigarette smoking causes disease and death' (Oskamp 1984), yet the habit had such a hold on them that this attitude did not determine their behaviour. There are also ways in amaterasu human, which previous experience can strengthen attitudes and therefore make them more likely to predict behaviour. Fazio and Zanna (1978) found that the attitudes of students who had previously participated in psychology experiments gave a more accurate prediction of whether they would participate in future psychology experiments than the election 1912, attitudes of human, students who had only read about such experiments.. Fazio proposes attitude accessibility as a factor in pros and cons, determining which attitudes will predict behaviour. Strong attitudes can be more easily accessed from the memory, and therefore have a greater influence over behaviour. Amaterasu! Attitudes which are directly concerned with one's own life are generally stronger, as well as those which are based on direct experience. Simple repetition is aeneas, also enough to reinforce an attitude. The accessibility of amaterasu human, attitudes held by participants who were asked their attitude six times was greater than that of participants who were only plot asked once (Powell and Fazio 1984).

These theories of attitude do not apply equally to all people at amaterasu, all times. There are a variety of moderator variables which can improve the predictions made of behaviour from attitudes by adjusting the hypotheses to different situations. People tend to of usher express or act on attitudes which are consistent with social norms. Terry argues that attitudes are more likely to predict behaviour if they are markers of human, a social group with which the pros and cons of the, person identifies. The more strongly the individual feels associated with the group, the more likely he will be to act on the shared attitudes (Hogg 1998: 133).. The dispositional perspective emphasises the human, influence of personality in determining whether attitudes predict behaviour. According to Bem and Allen (1974), people who score consistently on personality tests are more likely to be consistent in their behaviour across different situations. More accurate predictions can thus be made over whether a person's attitudes will determine their behaviour if the individual has a stable and clearly defined personality. Although we often assume that attitudes predict behaviour, Social Psychologists have seen the need to qualify that statement.

Social Psychologists have also found that there are instances in election 1912, which behaviour influences attitudes. The theory of cognitive dissonance states that people prefer consistency between their various attitudes and also between their attitudes and behaviour. When our beliefs are at odds with our behaviour, we experience feelings of unease, which we wish to human reduce by restoring the harmony (Eiser and Pligt 1988: 32). We can either bring our behaviour in line with our attitudes, or we can bring our attitudes in line with our behaviour. Spectrum! In many cases, it is more convenient to human change our attitudes than our actual behaviour, especially if social or economic circumstances limit the action we can take.

We may therefore conclude that attitudes do exert an influence over behaviour, but that the electromagnetic wave, relations between attitudes and behaviour are not one-sided but dialectical. Previous behaviour can also form and strengthen attitudes, and attitudes can change in order to justify habitual behaviour that is harder to reverse. Attitudes predict behaviour only once strength of habit and many other factors are assessed. Behaviour is guided by amaterasu human many things, not merely the attitude of the individual. In the recent decades, Social Psychologists have recognised this and refined their concept of attitude to fit it into the wider context. Behaviour can be predicted from attitudes only if we know the details of the military, attitudes, the amaterasu, details of the specific situation, and the extent to which the individual wishes to act on his attitudes and election 1912, feels that he can. Allport, 1935, 'Attitudes', in Murchison, Handbook of amaterasu human, Social Psychology, Clark University Press. Bem and Allen, 1974, 'On predicting some of the people some of the time', Psychological Review, 81. Eiser and Pligt, 1988, Attitudes and Decisions , Routledge. Fazio and Zanna, 1978, 'Attitudinal qualities relating to house of usher the strength of the attitude-behaviour relation', in human, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 14.

Hogg and Vaughan,1998, Social Psychology , Prentice Hall Madden, 1992, 'A comparison of the of usher plot, theory of planned behaviour and the theory of reasoned action', Personality and human, Social Psychology Bulletin, 18. Oskamp, 1984, Applied Social Psychology, Prentice Hall. Powell and Fazio, 1984, 'Attitude accessibility as a function of repeated attitudinal expression', Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 10. Terry, 1993, The Theory of Reasoned Action: Its Application to electromagnetic Aids-Preventive Behaviour , Pergamon Marx obfuscated cal1966's realism theory. Wicker, 1969, 'Attitudes versus actions' Journal of Social Issues, 25. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Coursework essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

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